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Elder Care Management, Elder Placement and Family Support


Senior Care Advisors, LLC provides peace of mind for the entire family through their array of services for elder care management. See below for details of our care managementcaregiver support and administrative support services for those managing the care of an elderly or chronically ill relative.

Care Management Services:
  • Assess and evaluate the client's situation by identifying housing, home care, physical, emotional, medical, and social needs.

  • Develop a written plan of care adapted to an individual's needs and identifying their short-, mid- and long-term goals.

  • Care and Counseling Services for the client and/or their loved ones

  • Research and identify appropriate support options for care such as: selection of providers: continuing care retirement communities, assisted living or nursing home facilities and other resources.

  • Engage in crisis situation management and advocacy including intervention at home, hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living communities, etc.

  • Provide discharge options including referrals to private and public home care agencies and hospice care arrangements.

Caregiver Support and Social Services:

  • Provide caregiver support groups, caregiver education programs, individual and group counseling including respite care, spiritual care, wellness care, and identify alternative caregivers.

  • Setup social support networks for clients including adult day health, volunteer opportunities, senior center activities, etc.

Administrative Support Services:

  • Analyse assets for future life planning and eligibility for: Medicare, SSDI, other subsidies, community resources and elder services.

  • Review and access medical insurance; bills, coverage, long term care insurance and verify proper processing of claims.

  • Coordinate with legal, financial, and tax professionals and provide referrals.

  • Communicate with family members and professional advisors via e-mail, phone and conference calls.

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